About Merced College


Merced College President, Dr. Ron Taylor (pictured)


About Merced College 


Merced College is one of 112 community colleges located within the state of California, and recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding in 2012. Merced College has a highly qualified and professional staff and faculty who are dedicated to supporting students with all of their academic concerns. The mission of Merced College is to provide instructional programs and assist students in obtaining the first 2-years of a university level education, and to help students to be well-prepared to continue their studies at a 4-year university. Merced College seeks to provide the guidance necessary for students to reach their potential, and give students as many opportunities as possible to succeed and develop academically.


An Introduction to Merced College

Merced College was established in 1962 as a public community college. Some of the initial course offerings at Merced College included Nursing, IT (Information Technology), and Law, among others. With a vast variety of instructional programs, Merced College continues to provide innovative and essential courses of study. While increasingly few students are able to afford the high tuition costs of attending a university as a first-year student, 2-year programs such as those offered by Merced College give students the unique opportunity to complete part of their university education without comparatively high tuition fees. In addition, Merced College offers a unique scholarship program for the benefit of international students who hope to increase their English skills through study abroad. For 13 years, Merced College has welcomed international students into its student body, and the college maintains that the variety of backgrounds that international students provide on admission to the college will benefit not only other American students, but also be beneficial to the larger community, providing the city of Merced with an ideal opportunity to become more globalized and diverse.


Merced College's Benefits, and Partnership with UC Merced

Attendance at Merced College has many advantages for international students, such as that the expense of studying abroad is quite reasonable. Considering the complete cost of homestay (1 month = ~$600), traveling expenses, and all other living expenses, the cost of study abroad in Merced is still much lower than comparative programs offered at other colleges in California. In addition, another benefit to attending Merced College is that class sizes are small, and there is a low student-to-teacher ratio. For international students, having such close interaction with professors can offer greater learning opportunities, and become a serious advantage when later transferring to a 4-year university. Besides this, the recent establishment of UC Merced, a University of California located close to the Merced College campus, offers many opportunities for further academic advancement. UC Merced has many course offerings, and Merced College's new partnership makes transitioning between 2-year and 4-year undergraduate studies much easier. As one such attempt of partnership, UC Merced is currently in the process of drafting courses that will enable the smooth transition into a medical facility (Merced College also offers courses in Nursing and other medical sciences). For further information on UC Merced, please visit the university's home page. In addition, to watch UC Merced's video invitation to international student graduates, please see here.


Enrollment at Merced College as an International Student

At Merced College, international students have been very successful with transfer and admission to 4-year universities. Although in Japan the UC system may have the most international recognition, California's public college system and California's Community Colleges have a reputation for excellence. If students have any concerns about career direction or college admission, Merced College's counseling department can offer thorough assistance. In addition, when students desire to make changes to their academic plans, counselors with an extensive knowledge of college procedures are ready to provide the help necessary for students to experience a smooth transition to the next step of their academic journey.


A Message to Everyone

Merced, located in the center of California, makes travel to famous locations such as San Francisco and Los Angeles a great possibility. In addition, Merced offers a peaceful and safe environment which is ideal for students who wish to concentrate on study. Abundant nature, as well as friendly people who will make international students feel welcome, are two of the city's best features. Families of international students can feel peace of mind about sending their children to study abroad, knowing that while Merced offers an excellent setting for study, Merced College international students also have a high 4-year university transfer rate. International students can also be confident that Merced College will give them an opportunity and the support necessary to be successful. Merced College extends its invitation to students and their families that are considering study abroad.

Mission & Vision Statements



Mission Statement



Students are our focus and we are known by their success.


Vision Statement



Students are our focus at Merced College. We set high standards to encourage students to reach their potential in a nurturing environment. Merced College is a leader in innovative instruction and cultural activities. We value and respect all members of our community and diversity is a strength of our institution. We are known by the success of our students.



Y.E.S at Merced College

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Merced College's Former Vice President

Former Merced College Vice President, Dr. Anne Newins

Dr. Anne Newins, who held a seminar in Japan as a supervisor of study abroad at Y.E.S., retired in spring 2013 from the office of Vice President of Merced College. As Vice President of Merced College, Dr. Anne Newins provided enthusiastic support for local as well as international students.

About Merced College

"Merced College has a lengthy history of accepting international students from many countries, and continues to welcome international students. Currently, our college offers more than 80 different degree programs, as well as TOEFL test preparation, an ESL school and homestay program. At Merced College, we hope to assist students to graduate and obtain admission to a 4-year university, as well as enable students to be employed in their fields of interest. Merced College is a member of the California Community College System, and at this time, approximately 13,000 students are enrolled in classes through the college. In addition, Merced College is located only about 2 hours from San Francisco! At Merced College, we hope to do our best to support international students with the entire process of study abroad and future planning, including college entry, graduation, and transfer to a 4-year university."

Merced College and UC Merced's Partnership


The University of California Merced, as the 10th university established in California, was founded in 2005. UC Merced includes three departments: The School of Engineering, The School of Natural Sciences, and The School of Social Science, Humanities and Arts. Future plans include the establishment of a School of Management and School of Medicine. In addition, UC Merced was honored to have First Lady Mrs. Obama give the opening speech for the 2009 graduation commencement ceremony at UC Merced. Due to UC Merced and Merced College's cooperation, it is possible for students to transition smoothly from the community college to university admission.


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