About YES ESL International, Inc.

View of the Merced College campus
View of the Merced College campus

YES ESL International, Inc. is based in San Diego, California, and provides complete study abroad and homestay services, offers various academic and extracurricular programs, and facilitates extensive agency support for issues related to study abroad, including assistance with school applications and visa management. While prioritizing students' independence, our goal at Y.E.S. is to cultivate students that are well-equipped to be active in the world. 


Our collaboration with various educational institutions, organizations and companies enables us to introduce students who wish to challenge themselves through study abroad to ideal locations throughout the U.S., including the MCELI (Merced College English Language Institute) program, located in California. In addition to Merced College, Y.E.S. also offers connections to other 2-year and 4-year universities, ESL programs, high school study abroad, vocational schools, sports institutes, corporations and organizations, to coordinate flexible and unique study abroad or sports program options suited to students’ individual needs and interests.


Y.E.S. Study Abroad Program Management

Programs offered by Y.E.S. include university and high school study abroad, and programs in culinary arts, film, beauty, drama, fashion, makeup, art, media, photography, music, internship, volunteer opportunities, short-term training courses, and more.


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Company             Y.E.S. ESL INTERNATIONAL, Inc.

Founding date      May 1, 2008

Address             7920 Arjons Drive, San Diego, CA 92126

Phone number     619-450-4675

URL                      http://www.yeseslinternational.com