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The opportunities for athletic study abroad are numerous, including in baseball, soccer, tennis, golf, basketball, and many other sports.  Recently, athletes have been realizing the value of taking a more active role in the international playing field, and many players desire to play in foreign countries in order to increase the strength of their world-standing as athletes. Despite language barriers, if a player shows excellent playing skills, he or she does not have to have perfect language abilities. However, the reality is that athletes in foreign countries face many challenges. In addition to developing communication skills, it is also necessary for athletes to take the time to develop an understanding of differences in culture, eating habits, and other aspects of life in a foreign country. Participating in study abroad can become a great advantage to players that wish to play overseas in the future, as the things they learn contribute to the development of a better ability to adapt. In particular, communication in a team is essential, and knowledge of a common world language such as English can be very useful to athletes.


In addition to a strong baseball team, Y.E.S. at Merced College features many active sports divisions, including in water polo, basketball, American softball, women's volleyball, women's softball, and more. It is possible to take classes or join clubs in sports interests, however in some cases, it may be necessary to pass a selection process prior to enrollment. When receiving inquires from those who are considering sports study abroad, we can provide further information regarding whether there are any tryouts involved. If participating in a club during study abroad is appealing, Y.E.S. can assist students with planning, and provide advice and guidance regarding potential study abroad options. Even if a student does not wish to play outside of his or her home country for a career, studying abroad for short-term can provide positive personal experiences that can benefit him or her as a player. In addition, there is no doubt that study abroad enables athletes with limited experience outside of their home country with a unique opportunity to advance toward the world playing field.

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At Y.E.S., we strive to assist students with every part of the study abroad process, minimizing any anxiety about international study. In addition to being comprehensive, Merced College's athletic study abroad programs provide on-site staff experienced with working with international students. Many of our staff members have personal experience as former international students, and are well-equipped to help students grow better accustomed to their environment while pursuing their individual course of sports study. College staff and coaches are also willing to go above and beyond to help students, providing students and their families with even greater peace of mind. With short-term study abroad options for 2-weeks or longer available, including the opportunity to observe college sports teams first-hand, there are many different course options to choose from. In addition, as one of the largest states in the U.S., and with its reputation for sunny weather, California offers an excellent playing environment where students can feel at ease. We believe that athletes will find study abroad with Y.E.S. a life-changing educational experience.

Athletic Seasons

Fall semester: Football, Basketball, Water Polo

October - February: Basketball

Spring semester: Baseball, Football, Water Polo, Track and Field




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Keiou High School Basketball Team
Keiou High School Basketball Team

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