Tutoring Service, TOEFL & Speaking Workshops

In addition to providing students with thorough classroom instruction, the MCELI program includes on-site tutorial services dedicated to helping students to achieve their highest potential. Our friendly staff is well-prepared to help students with their homework and questions regarding everyday English, and office tutorial hours are offered multiple times a week for students' optimal convenience.  Students can meet with a tutor individually, or can receive tutoring together with another classmate.


There are also other resources available to international students through the MCELI program. Workshops tailored to students' needs are offered weekly on topics such as TOEFL test-taking or English-speaking to help students to become more successful and confident users of the English language. Through these workshops, students can learn important principles of test material and test-taking, as well as how to use English in specific daily situations. Discussion-groups included within the workshops provide a means for students to get more hands-on practice of using English in a safe and comfortable learning environment. 


Together, MCELI's tutorial services and workshops provide excellent follow-up to classroom instruction, as well as an opportunity for students to ask specific questions regarding the English language. The MCELI program aims to provide every international student with the best possible learning environment, support and assistance. 

Tutoring services are available after language classroom hours, free of charge to students in the MCELI program. Our tutoring department can assist students with the following:

・Checking MCELI homework assignments

・Essay-writing skill preparation prior to college entrance

・Advice for English improvement or supplemental study

・Conversational English skills

In addition to the above, students have the opportunity to create individualized study plans, and a highlight of our tutoring services is that we offer the ability for tutoring to be customizable and personal to a student's needs. Whether students are anxious about how to increase their TOEFL score, or have already passed the TOEFL test successfully and wish to become better prepared for college admission, our tutor offers one-on-one assistance with students' study concerns. 

Once a week, TOEFL and English conversation workshops are offered for students wishing to improve specific English skills.

TOEFL Workshop

This workshop presents an excellent studying opportunity for students:

・Who desire supplemental instruction in addition to MCELI classwork

・Who are not confident about passing the TOEFL test

・Who want to spend additional time studying for the TOEFL test

English Conversation Workshop

This workshop provides a great learning experience for students:

・Who have already passed the TOEFL test, but do not have confidence in their English conversational abilities

・Who want to increase their time spent speaking English

・Who want to learn English expressions to use in conversation with host families and friends

Similar to our tutorial service offerings, students can select specific workshops depending on their level. In addition, workshops are regularly attended by students with an earnest desire to improve, offering a good environment for mutual peer encouragement.

Tutor: Mia Fleming

Although born in the United States, Mia Fleming immigrated to Japan at 7 years of age and spent her childhood living in Japan's Ibaraki and Kanagawa Prefectures. After returning to the United States, she entered Merced College. In 2013, Mia took on the role of president of Merced College's International Club, where she had the opportunity to contribute to the cultural exchange of international and local American students. She now attends Merced College, and plans to pursue a major of International Business at the prestigious Pepperdine University. In the future, she hopes to work for a non-profit organization in the field of international assistance.

"As someone who has grown up overseas, I understand how difficult it can be to live in a different country and learn a new language; therefore, I admire students who have taken such a big step in coming to Merced College to learn English. I am looking forward to helping students become more confident in themselves and their abilities to communicate in English. Although I grew up in Japan and am therefore accustomed to the Japanese culture, I am also excited to learn about various cultures through the diverse students that we have here."


- Mia Fleming

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