General Host Family FAQs

What is homestay?

A homestay is a program in which exchange students and other students stay with a local family and live with them.


What is the role of a host family?

Provide a student with a safe, supporting, and loving home. Accept the student as part of the family and include them in family activities. Provide the student with his/her own room and a quiet place to study.


What are the host family requirements?

All types of individuals and families are encouraged to apply! If you have a spare roo and welcoming attitudethen you should host an exchange student.

Y.E.S. Host Families agreed to:

・provide a private bedroom with a door, furnished with a bed , a dresser, and a desk.

・provide two meals per day (breakfast and dinner) on weekdays and three meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on weekends, holidays and during school breaks (if your student requests meal plan).

・provide wireless internet access.

・invite and encourage your student's participation in family events.

More info?→Check Host Family Handbook


How do I host a foreign exchange student?

Steps to Host a Foreign Exchange Student:

1. Fill out the application. This will allow you to tell us about you, your family, household and lifestyle.

2. Set up the Home Visit. Since safety is our priority, all potential host families must pass a home visit screening. The Y.E.S. representative will follow up with the family and organize a home visit.

3. Once passed, you will be able to register with Y.E.S. and we will match a student with your family.


What are the benefits of hosting an exchange student?

There are a lot of benefits to hosting international exchange students.

・Get additional income by taking care of our exchange student.

・Bring the world to your home.

Experience and learn about a new culture.

・Enrich your family, local school, and community with new ideas and perspectives.

・Make new lifelong memories.

・Potentially to share your family's way of life with someone new.

・Build a meaningful friendship with your student and grow your personal network.


Will I get pay by hosting?

Yes, all Y.E.S. hosts receive a monthly payment.

The amounts based on what plan you prvede to your student.

Our plan and compensation is; Hosting home conpensation


Will I receive a stipend for hosting?

Yes, you are eligible to receive a monthly stipend from Y.E.S.. This amount may be prorated if a student is in the home less than one full month.


How long do students stay?

Depends on what plan you will choose to provide. You can choose Short term (summer, up to a month) or Long term (more than onemonth/ semester). When you fill out the application, you will see the section to select the homestay plan.


How do I become a successful host family?

A successful Home Stay is more likely when all members of the family agree that taking an international student into the home is a good idea.

More Tips:

・Show your student local culture and visit some highlights or landmarks of the area

・Treat your student as a family member

・Invite and encourage your student's participation in family events.


What if it doesn’t work out?

We want to ensure a safe, healthy environment for hosts and students. Mediation and student transfer are both options for problem resolution.

We will help you to solve the problem. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact us.

(209)-1386-6664 or E-mail


Do I have to supply meals?


We have the homestay plan; with meal or without meal. If you choose the homestay plan with meal, you need to provide 2 meals (breakfast and dinner) on the weekdays, 3 meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on the weekends.


Do I have to cook meals everyday?


You can go eat out or buy food for your students. Sometimes, you can prepare the ingredients and let the students cook their own meal.

More info? →For exsample for a meal


Do I have to provide transport?

No. It is optional.

But when the student ask you, it would be really nice if you can help as much as you can when the student ask you.


Can I host if I have a pet?

Yes, of course you can. Just ensure they are listed on your profile. Our hosts can have pets, it just needs to be stated on your profile. Some students will fall in love with your pets. Some will be afraid, allergic, or have a religious prohibition for being around pets. In those cases, we’ll make sure that you aren’t matched with that student. Please ensure any pets are kept out of the student’s room (unless they are invited in by the student).


Do host families cover medical expenses for exchange students?

No. You don't need to cover their medical expenses.

They should have own insurance and It's their responsibility to take care of themselves.


Who will I be hosting and where do they come from?

Mostly, college age students from around the world.


Can I host more than one exchange student?


As long as you have extra room and can provide the private room for each of the students, you can host more than one.


How long does it take to get student placed in my home?

Approximately, it will take 1~3 months.

After you complete the applicatipn, we will set up the Home Visit as soon as possible.

Once you pass the screening, you are ready to host an international exchange students! It ususally take 1~3 weeks.

Students mostly travel to coincide with the start of the spring or fall semester.

So students arrive February or March for spring semester, July or August for fall semester.

And the students enroll for spring tend to need a short term home stay plan.


Will student have all their paperwork to legally study abroad?


Every student we place to honestay is assisted by Y.E.S. or Merced college so they will have all paperwork to legally study sbroad.


Will someone visit my home?


After you complete the application and send to us, we will set up the Home Visit and visit your home so that we can get to know more about you, your family, and your lifestyle. It is also opportunity for you to ask questions and gather more information about our program.

This is our strength and what sets us apart from other companies. Visiting home alows us to provides safe, secure, and trustworthy program.


Living with Students

Do the students speak English?

YES. However, there are differences in proficiency. English proficiency will vary but most will have some English skills when they arrive. Many students are trying to improve their English by cominucating with you.


Are there rules for student?

No. But we have expectation for our student. You can set the hose rule with your student.


Do I take my student out to dinner, on excursions and on family trips?

Yes. please invite and encourage your student's participation in family events.

However, if you take your student to dinner or a social event you may choose to cover the cost. If you do not intend to cover the cost, please let your student know ahead of time to allow him/her to determine whether to attend or not.


Does the student have insurance?



Do we have to eat all our meals with the student?

No. It is not mandatory.

It would be nice eating meal together and have conversation. We also understand that sometimes you are not available. Or you can let the student to use your kitchen and ingredients to cook their own meal.


Can set a curfew for the student?

Only if your student agree. Do not force. You can discuss with the student and make a decision.


Do I have to clean the student's room or do their laundry?


Your student is responsible to clean the room or do their laundry. You may want to provide guidance for how to use the laundry machine when the student is placed.