Case 1: Cultural differences in food

The student could not finish the meal that host family provided and they have to throw them away. We talked to both host family and the student. The student changed the plan from "with a meal" to "without a meal".

comment: This is happen sometimes but it is nobody's fault. Usually, the student born and raised in one culture so sometimes the food of a different culture may not be suitable for the student. This is why we are here for. Please feel free to contact us if you have some concerns, warries or troubles. Thank you!

Case 2-1: Student did not keep the rules

The student often went out or took shower in the midnight. Host family was annoyed by the noise and told the student to stop but the student did not listen. We heard from both sides and took steps to improve the situation. The student showed improvement and built a good relationship.

comment: The student sometimes loses sight of the original purpose of studying abroad. There is a lot of new things around, the things going badly, or something like this. This is why we are here for. We can help the student will be better and remind the student the motivation to get here. We will judge things from a neutral standpoint and lead you to a solution. Thank you!

Case 2-2: Student did not keep the rules

Host family talked to the student about their house rules couple times but the student never change the attitude. We had a interview with Host family, the student and Y.E.S. staff and reconfirmation of the rules. But we did not see any improvement in the attitude so we decided to kick the student out.

comment: We will provide safe and secure program to both the host family and the student. Of course we will do our best to solve the problem but the things did not work out, we sometimes take a strong measure to protect our clients. In this case, we kick the student out from the house. If you have some trouble please feel free to contact us. Thank you!