Hakuho-Girls High School Short- term program(10/16-10/28)

⭐️New Information⭐️

We need host families who can host our high school students from 10/16 to 10/28.


How to be a host family?

1. Read our handbook/agreement

2. Fill out the application

3. Send that application to us by email(yes.program@mccd.edu)

4. Interview (Y.E.S staff will visit you and check the room)

 *You can download  the handbook/ agreement and application from below


Minimum requirements 

- A private room

- A desk & Chair

- Wireless  Internet access

 - Ride to/from Merced College



Application for host family
PDFファイル 152.1 KB

Purpose of the short-term program

Japanese high school students are interested in learning culture, studying English, spending time with host family, and so on.

Hopefully, some students will come back to Merced as a College student!!

What do they usually do on weekdays

- Attend the English class @Merced College

- Attend the college class as a observer 

- San Francisco Trip 

- Yosemite National Park Trip

- UC Merced tour 

- Visit local high schools and spend time with them

- Volunteer

What do they usually do on weekends

- Spend time with host families

  ★Activity example★

       - Go to Yosemite Lake

       - Go to In N Out

       - Cook together

       - Watch movies

       - Play sports together(ex. disk golf, basketball etc...)

★Itinerary example (this itinerary was for short-term program in March 2024)